Koala (12-Pack)

Koala (12-Pack)


Astonishing high-end picture made from real movie.

Front: motion picture

Back: ruler graduated in inch (6) and cm (15).

Size: 6.1” x 2.1” (155 mm x 54 mm

The realism and the quality of the lenticular effect are based on the number of images used which ranges from 13 to 20 depending on the complexity of the movement, the quality of the pictures and prints, and the quality of the lenticular film.  We offer the best commercial lenticular bookmarks on the market with the highest definition and a fluid motion.

Do you have a Display?  If not, consider getting one as it increases drastically the sales.  It is free for new clients with a starter order of 8 packs of bookmarks.


  • Suggested Retail Price

    $3.95 Each