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Lenticular Bookmarks Motion


We specialize in high-quality animated or 3-D lenticular products made in France with unique high-quality images.  Those lenticular products are available in diverse formats such as bookmarks, keychains, Notepads as well as Framed pictures, or loose pictures for art and craft.

The lenticular illusion of motion or of 3-D depth is obtained By changing the focal point of the image or more simply moving the artwork itself. The resulting optical illusion can be of motion or of depth from the view of multiple pictures filtered through the lenticular film.


The realism and the quality of the lenticular effect is the result of years of experience, the number and the quality of the images used as well as the quality of the lenticular film.

we offer the best commercial lenticular bookmarks on the market with the highest definition and a fluid motion.

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